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Surprise! We now offer VIRTUAL floral classes...

Hey Friends and welcome to Grace Floral and Co! If this is your first time on my site, feel free to spin around and see what all of the buzz is about....

Last summer I launched a successful floral series at my local recreation center and had hoped to resume classes in the spring, and then Covid-19 happened and life as we know it changed overnight. Between stay at home orders and social distancing (a new term defined as staying at least 6 feet away from another person) a "new normal" was forming and I was beginning to worry that my in person weekly classes were just a thing of the past. Friends I'm a creative, so I NEED to create and for me my outlet is wrapping my fingers around those beautiful blooms and gracing them with a new beautiful purpose.

So this creative rolled her sleeves up, and began to develop a new way to teach you while still following the best practices that would keep you safe. Cue the confetti folks because I'm embarking into the world of virtual learning. For now my weekly courses are offered locally in the following communities (Nottingham, Raymond, Epping, and select areas of Northwood), and all of your course materials and supplies will be delivered directly to your door step. In select areas of Northwood or other towns I've decided to do a pick-up of supplies, so don't be discouraged if you'd like to take this class but live a little further away! You'll receive a cute gable box that will include all of your materials, and tools that have been pre sanitized along with a small bucket of blooms (in water of course). This course is designed for you to create a beautiful arrangement for your home, specific details such a colors and flower types offered will be a weekly surprise .....

On the day of class we will meet in "ZOOM" (paid attendees will be given the password), and we will have about an hour to make the pretty! This is an interactive class so feel free to bring a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and meet other floral enthusiasts! Whether you've taken my beginner or advanced classes you'll be sure to make new friends and share a growing passion.

If you're ready to join me, RIGHT NOW head over to the floral class page and book your class! I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Leave me some love in the comments!

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